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Being a good leader of self

Everything starts with the self. What we are going to do with our lives is always our decision in every single situation, at each moment. It doesn’t matter whether decision relates to our personal lives, our jobs, or ourselves.

I am sure that freedom is an irreplaceable human being’s need and I am more than happy I live in a time of freedom. But on the other hand, being part of a community is also a very essential need for human beings. That’s why I always remember that I am free and at the same time, I am not. It makes me be responsible. It makes me be a leader of myself.

Generally, when we hear the word “leader”, in our minds lights up an association with someone who leads a group, organization, or country. But it is not true. Each of us should be a leader every day, in many situations: when we support friend, raise our kids, negotiate at work or face unpleasant situations. In that way we lead our personality and become more conscious. Every day, we make many decisions and we are free in the moment we decide, but we are not at the end of a decision process. I mean it is not possible to influence freely the results of our free decision. People should think about how their behavior and decisions can influence people they love, their colleagues, and even strangers. Of course, if people want to be part of a community; if not, the ego is enough. We can always decide.

I believe in causes and consequences. Healthy freedom means thinking about the consequences whenever we decide to do something and taking responsibility for our free decisions. It means being a good leader of ourselves.

A good leader of themselves can manage almost anything, can lead others. For me, being a good leader of myself is a way of life. Every day I learn something new. Simply paying attention is enough. Just be present and observe yourself, other people and whatever happenings around you. This approach makes life interesting; helps me discover myself; to raise my kids, to enjoy my time at work, to build good relationships, to do my job properly and to feel satisfied.

Here are the tips I have learned, experienced and realized on my journey.

· Deep self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the most important and most difficult step of the personal development process. Again, everything starts with you and how you feel about yourself. Real life starts to begin in the moment of full self-acceptance. A good leader knows who they are; has a realistic assessment of their talents, strengths, deficiencies, successes, mistakes, preferences, attitudes; understands the impact they can have on others. A good leader is not afraid to admit their mistakes; they rise because of their mistakes.

· Dream.

One of the most important things in life is to have a dream and do what we love, even it can’t be our main jobs. Everyone can be happy if they do what they love as a job. But the question is: “Can all people do what they love as their job?” I don’t know. But I am sure that we should follow our passions. Our passions are like food for our souls. You can do it alongside your job, too.

· Positivity.

A Good leader is a positive leader. A Positive attitude is the basis of a good life.

· Free but responsible.

Freedom and responsibility should go hand to hand; there should not be any space for egoism.

· Focus on strengths, not on weaknesses.

Of course, it is good to know about your weaknesses and to challenge yourself sometimes. But it is better not to waste your time on weaknesses, because your powers are your strengths.

· Performance is a result; a great satisfied human being is a cause.

You should always remember this if you want to lead people. Happiness creates success. Only people who feel valuable, respected, satisfied can perform well.

· Be a leader who people want to follow.

In modern society, it is not enough to be respected as a leader because of your abilities, qualities or achievements. Only a leader who people want to follow can discover the highest potential of human beings. Be yourself: open, empathetic and influential; show your natural individuality.

· Just enjoy your life sometimes.

Pure joy from living, just to live without any meaning.


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